Expressive! App Review & Giveaway!!

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Are you looking for an easy to use, AAC app??  How about an app that you can also use to teach sentence structure?!  Or vocabulary?!  I was recently contacted by Smarty Ears and provided with a copy of their app, Expressive!  They were generous to provide me with a copy and an extra copy to give away to one of you!!!

Above, you can see the main page which is what you see when you open the app.  It looks like any other AAC main board.  You see the “sentence strip” on top.  You can open up “folders” which are the buttons with a “color strip” on the top left of the bottom.

Across the bottom, you will see four buttons.  The first, is the settings option:

The second botton, allows you to back up, restore, and learn more about the app.

The third button is what you click if you want to edit or remove buttons.  I recommend using this wisely.  You can always restore from iTunes if you make a mistake though.  Why would you delete?  Too many buttons for your student/client to scan and locate?  Did you create your own button and don't need it anymore?

The last button allows you to add folders and/or buttons.  This is great for individualizing this app for your needs.  Add vocabulary, people, in an easy way.

Below you can see me create a button for “speech pathologist” in the “people” folder!  It was so easy!!  I clicked “add image.”

Then you can select an image.  You can access Smarty Symbol Library.  Yes, the same symbols found throughout the app and Custom Boards app.  You can also change the color!  I like to make all my “own created buttons” a special color so I can easily remember which I made.  Once done, you can hit “add.”  You can see my button now on the page:

Here are some views of some folders:


As you hit buttons, it gets added to the sentence strip.  You can work on sentences by going through the folders.  Sorry, I was drinking a smoothie as I played with the app!

Learn more about this app by visiting iTunes by clicking HERE!  This app is also on sale for back to school for $25.99!

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