120: We Are Not A Reading Teacher

We Are Not A Reading Teacher




How are SLPs different than reading teachers? 

This is a question I see a lot in my SLP Elevate membership. People want to know how we can differentiate ourselves from a standard reading teacher and show our value without just doing the same thing over and over. Some even wonder why students even come to us for things like this. 

In this episode of SLP Coffee Talk, I am diving into this question and sharing how we as SLPs are, in fact, very different from reading teachers, and how we can differentiate our instruction. 

What you have to remember is that decoding times language comprehension equals reading comprehension. A student can’t be an effective reader if they do not have adequate language skills, and that is where we fit into the puzzle. 

We are the ones that focus on that integral piece of education. We work on sentence structure, categorization, syntax, vocabulary, auditory memory, and so much more. We are the ones going deep into those skills and strategies that our students really need to succeed. 


In This Episode You’ll Discover:

  • How we help with the language weaknesses 
  • Questions to ask the teacher to find out how your students are doing in class
  • Tools to use to assess your students' language skills
  • How we can work at our students’ level
  • Tips for incorporating your students' interests in your therapy sessions


We have a special place in our student's educational experience. We can show them that they can be successful at school. Learning can be fun! We are able to help our students achieve something that they wouldn’t be able to do without us. 

So if you’re ever feeling like you’re no different than a regular reading teacher, I hope this episode helps you understand that you offer something that students can’t get in a regular classroom, and they really do need you. 

If you want more guidance, support, and resources, I hope you’ll join us inside of SLP Elevate. This membership will provide high-interest activities that your students will love and that will help you lesson plan in minutes. 


We Are Not A Reading Teacher


Joke of the Week:

Q: Why did the girl sit on the ladder to sing? 

A: Because she wanted to reach the high notes. 


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