Happy New Year! (my thoughts, some FUN, plus a freebie!)

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Happy New Year!!  I cannot believe 2015 is here!  Although 2014 was a GREAT year, I am really looking forward to the year ahead.  So much to do, see, learn, and try!

What are some of my new year's resolutions?


  • Stay organized….why is this always so difficult?!
  • Keep learning.  I have signed up for several workshops to help gain new ideas.
  • Keep trying to find new, unique, and motivating ways to work with my speech and language students.
  • Stay motivated to create new TpT materials!  I currently have 350 items in m TpT store…HOLY COW!  I am always trying to think of something new that you have yet to see to keep you interested.  Plus, new ideas keep my students motivated as well!

Why are new years resolutions so hard to keep?!  Notice, this year, I did not say to lose weight/exercise more.  I always add that one to my list and it goes out the window.  This year I will try to keep it off the list and maybe it will work?!

How about a freebie to use in the new year?!
I have tons of students working on categories, so why not a say and color one?!
No prep necessary!  A nice treat for coming back from a holiday vacation!
Click HERE to grab this freebie!