Inferencing Detectives Fun!

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Since my Inferencing Party download has been such a hit, I decided to put together all the activities and strategies I use to teach my students inferencing.  Here you can grab it all in one download!  This will help introduce, teach, and practice using inferencing.


In this file:

-Visual to assist in teaching and practicing skill

-Fact vs. Inferences: Use the visual to sort the sentences into the correct category.

-What Happened To Me?:  Students will read or listen to the clues.  They must express what happened.  Then they can color a magnifying glass on the coloring worksheet provided.

-Practice Using Inferencing Words:  Each card has an inferencing word/phrase.  Have students select one and use it in a sentence or to answer questions!

-Story Clue vs. Experience Clue:  Help students recognize the difference in clues they find in stories with this visual and sorting activity.  Students will sort the statement cards into the correct category.

-Graphic Organizer: Can use with card game or review worksheet.

-Inferencing Card Game:  Students will select a card and read (or listen to) to the paragraph.  They must use their knowledge of facts, clues, and inferences to answer two questions provided.  Can they determine which probed for facts and which probes for an inference?  Each card has a point value.  At the end of the game, students can add up their points to determine a winner.


-Review Worksheet

Grab this action packed download HERE!!!