Introducing: Verbs News!


The developers Virtual Speech Center Inc. has done it again!  They created an adorable and motivating way for SLPs to work on speech skills.  This time, VERBS!!

They were extremely generous to offer me a copy to try and share with my amazing readers!  The opinions are all mine!  Read on to learn more about this great new product!!

This app was extremely easy to use and figure out.  After playing around with it I was able to use it with one of my summer cases.  If you click settings you can see all the options that you can modify for your needs.  I love all the options they provide which helps make sessions individualized.

Back on the main screen, if you click “intro to tenses” you can share a cute little tutorial with your students introducing the various verb forms.


I just love the arrow that shows the difference between past, present, and future.  Our students benefit greatly from visuals like these!

The developers truly understand how our students learn and understand difficult concepts.  For each verb tense you have the various activities: auditory bombardment, fill-in, and say it.  This targets each level of practice that turns into understanding.

Students are bombarded with the target verbs.


Students must select the appropriate verb tense to complete the sentence.  I had it set that they had to listen to all choices before being able to select an answer which was helpful.


Students create their own sentences using the target verb tense and the picture.  They can record their sentences and score themselves.  I LOVE self monitoring and self correcting!

You can select the various target verbs (regular and/or irregular) or just select all from the list.  I think it is important to select a target group for each student you input into the app.  Once they master at each activity, then work on a different group.  I like the number 10.  It is a great number to start with.  Once they seem to grasp the concept, then you can select all and let it be random.

SLPs LOVE data!  Either you LOVE it or NEED it and LOVE easy ways to collect it!  RIGHT?!?  Well, the developers got ya!  You can see reports after each activity or review them later.  You can even email them to save on your computer for safe keeping (or if you don't have an air printer connected).


The last tab on the main screen is “My News.”  I didn't post a picture because I didn't want to post a picture of myself!  It uses the camera feature of your iPad and allows students to video themselves giving the news.  You can give them their target verb and make them use it in sentences to report the news of the day.  The ideas for this are endless!  Such a creative idea!  Sorry I couldn't post a picture of it!!

Things I like about this app:

  • Targets all verb forms and levels of learning
  • Can modify settings and select words to use
  • Multiple users
  • Generates score reports, saves for later for progress monitoring and allows emailing of reports
  • Cute way to introduce concepts
  • Tons of flexibility to allow students to use verbs in a fun and creative way
  • Easy to use
  • Allows students to score themselves and monitor own progress

Want to learn more?  Visit iTunes!  Just note, this app is only available for the iPad.  But for $14.99, this app is amazing!   Verbs are such a difficult goal to teach and anyways to make it motivating and collect data are worth it to me!  I hope you learn to love it as much as I have.  I had such a great time reviewing it to share with you!

Since this app has a “news” theme and they use the “past, now, future” visual to teach the concept.  I printed out my own similar visual to display while using the activities in the app.  Hopefully you can use it too!  Grab it here!