Language Lab: Spin & Speak – Social Skills ((APP REVIEW!!))


The developers that brought you Speech with Milo (Doonan Speech Therapy)
has created a new social skills app!  I was provided with the fortunate opportunity to check it out so I can share it with all of you!  Remember, the thoughts and opinions are all mine 🙂

This app was pretty easy to figure out how to use.  By clicking “set up child” you can add all of your students into the app.  You can also select their goal (and multiple goals) from the list provided:

Once you have added your students, you can go back to “home” and click” settings to decide what settings you would like for the activity:

You can always revisit the settings page from the activity in case you change your mind!  Now it is time to start!  Click “play” to start!  You can select your students and then the game pieces for each student participating.  You can include up to 5 students in one activity!


The game chips incorporate all of the the developers cartoons which is great for Speech with Milo fans!  Now it is time to start the board game!  Students take turns spinning the spinner and moving their pieces along the board.

Once they land on their spot, they will get a task card prompting them to respond with their goal selected.  There are three choices for your to select based on their responses: correct, assisted, and incorrect.





I will give you the warning that there are TONS of “lose a turns” “go back to __” space and “move ahead to __” spots on the board.  Although this makes the game interesting, it can make the game last TOO long at times!  Just keep that in mind when trying to decide how much time you need for playing with this app.

Once the first student reaches the finish line, they are presented with this page:

You are automatically prompted that you can access data.  You can also access data from the main page.  You can also email scores for safe keeping!

Things I like about this app:

  • Motivating board game
  • Real life situations elicited
  • Multiple students can participate at one time
  • Can individualize goals for each student
  • Easy to use
  • Elicits conversation which is great for social skills groups
  • Data collection and progress monitoring
Learn more about this $5.99 app by visiting iTunes by clicking HERE!