More uses of EET!! Understanding Non-Fiction Texts & Creative Writing!


It seems like many of you are looking for more ways to incorporate EET into your therapy rooms.  One way I have used EET with older students is to teach them how to summarize non-fiction texts!

I have found fun and interesting topics on various websites such as and such as biographies or history of inventions/products.  Then I provided my students with an EET graphic organizer.  We took out markers to help color code according to the EET.  As we read, we underlined the information that would answer EET questions.  Then we took what we underlined and added it to our graphic organizer.  This has helped my students understand key words and to not underline/highlight entire sentences (I HATE THAT!).  After we completed all parts we could, my students go the opportunity to infer the “beads” that were not explicitly mentioned in the story (we used pencil for that!).  Once our entire graphic organizer was completed, we used the EET to express summaries!  They loved it and did so well!  Have you tried this?!  Which topics have your students found most interesting?!

Another way I have used EET in my therapy room is to expand creativity and imagination in verbal & written expression!  Yes, you read correctly!  This has been so much fun the last few days now that the weather is getting warmer!  I created an entire activity download for you if you would like to incorporate this activity into your therapy rooms!

This is how it worked:

-Use pictures to help students practice using EET to describe.

-Show students a model of your creation and how you used EET

-Let students expand their imaginations and draw/write using the EET model


-Let students share their creations with the group and use the EET strand to help guide them!

Themes included: pirate, princess, robot, alien, and more!!

You can access this activity by visiting my TpT store HERE!