Love It & List It! (Articulation Apps!)

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It's that time again!!  Jenna over at Speech Room News is hosting another Love It & List It Linky party for your favorite SLP bloggers!!  You can easily check out all of our favorite articulation apps from one spot by clicking HERE!

There are SO many articulation apps available (if you have not noticed already).  I have provided my TOP few that I use often in my speech room (in no particular order since I use them all frequently).
Articulation Scenes
Developed by Smarty Ears, this app is great and motivating!!  My students love the interactive activities and I love the ability to record and play back their productions in sound bombarded activities.  Check out my complete review by clicking HERE!!
Articulation Games
Developed by Virtual Speech Center, this app uses a fun candy theme to work on target sounds in several activities.  YUM!  Check out my complete review by clicking HERE!
Minimal Pair Pack
I love using minimal pairs as a technique for teaching students to discriminate between correct and incorrect productions of target sound.  I dislike trying to come up with the word lists and activities to use while doing this boring drilling task.  This app takes that away!!  Just using the iPad alone is more exciting then index cards!  Click HERE to view my complete review of this app!
How about non-articulation apps?!  Which ones can you use to target speech sounds indirectly?!
The Bag Game
This app is great for working on vocabulary and asking/answering questions.  BUT…you can also have students pick ONLY the objects with their target sounds!!  Click HERE to learn more about this app!
This app is a fun memory game that comes with some images but you can easily add your own.  Why not add the articulation targets?!  Click HERE to learn more about this app.
Any app by TocaBoca,  ClickySticky, and so much more!!  Which apps do you use?!