Phono Learning Center (app review & giveaway!)

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Are you looking for more apps to target phonological processes?!  This app is for you!  Keep reading to learn more!  Smarty Ear's has created an app perfect for those working with students with phonological disorders.

This app is linked with the Therapy Report Center!  But you can use it without it if you do not have this app  yet.  You can set up student in the app and can work with a group up to 4 students at a time!

Here's a look at the options for phonological goals you can select for each student.  For each process, you can select to work on all sounds or one/several of them.
Here is a look at the settings you can alter for your/students' needs:
Now it is ready to play/work!  There are four different activities.  All students in the group will work on the same activities at a time.  You can decide when to switch to another student.  I like this feature because if a student is struggling more than another student, it is nice to be able to give that student more trials before switching to another student.
For the balloon activity:
The balloon activity begins with a deflated hot-air balloon in a field. The child says the target word and then drags the picture into the balloon’s basket. With each picture, the balloon begins to fill until it eventually floats off the page. How many pictures will it take until the hot-air balloon expands and floats away?  Can you see the different targets per student?  Some in the sentence, phrase, and sentence levels?!  Students can say their target sounds and then you can rate their productions or you can let them rate themselves.  They can select the appropriate button based on how they did.



With this game, the child is presented with one target picture and must find its mate. Because each picture will stay active until a new card is tapped, this activity provides many opportunities for sound production.  What a fun way to get TONS of drilling!!  Each student gets their own game with images/words.  Again, you can rate their productions throughout the activity.  When you feel appropriate, you can switch to another child.




Your students have the opportunity to shoot baskets with the target words. The basket is centered on the page with the target word on the side. A simple tap on the paper crumples the picture. A swipe of the finger “shoots” the paper toward the hoop. Will it make it in?  See below as I make the baskets!



Again, it is all of the target processes you selected in the beginning.  You can rate the productions of each student.  One aspect I like about this, you can decide when the student is allowed to crumple up the paper and make the basket.  Student not behaving, student didn't do homework, you can make them skip that part! HA!
Last, but least, the Puzzle activity:
In this activity, the child is presented with a puzzle piece with a target word/picture on it. The child moves the piece onto the puzzle mat. With each piece, a picture scene is slowly uncovered. Because the picture scene is revealed one puzzle piece at a time, this activity provides an opportunity to include prediction and “wh” questions during speech production.  Students work together to create the puzzle.  Even when you switch to another student, they continue working on the same goal of the puzzle creation.



At any time with all 4 of the activities, you can click “done” to switch activities without being brought back to the main page or you can just end all together.
When you are ready, you can view student reports.  You can share these reports by printing or emailing them.  You can see the different reports and the different goals I selected per student.




Best part, student reports are saved in the app or connected with the Therapy Report Center for progress monitoring!
Things I like about this app:
  • Individualized goals per student
  • Can work with up to a group of 4 students at one time
  • Can switch students on your own and can decide how many trials each student will get before switching
  • Four cute activities to reward students for their productions
  • Can rate student productions or let students rate themselves
  • Progress monitoring and score reports that are easy to read and share
  • Easy to use and figure out
  • Can let students select own avatars!
  • Activities target other speech & language goals indirectly such as wh- questions and following directions
Learn more about this $24.99 app by visiting iTunes by clicking HERE!  Guess what?! Smarty Ears gave me another code to give away!!!  Enter to win this app below!

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