Predicting Pirates!

Predicting is such an important skill for students to comprehend.  Effective thinkers use pictures, text, and personal experiences to make predictions.  By understanding how to predict, students can guess what will happen in stories before they happen.  It is important for students to make connections with information from stories/auditory information and what they already know.  One great strategy for working on this skill with speech and language students is “thinking aloud.”  Show your students how you develop your responses.  Encourage them to think aloud as they listen/read clues to generate predicting responses.  To practice this tricky yet important skill, I created a fun pirate themed activity set.

In this file:
-A visual display to help illustrate how to predict and verbalize responses.  Use this visual as you teach students to think aloud.  Encourage students to think about their thinking!

-Treasure Hunt:  Use the board game to practice basic predicting skills.  A sentence or two is provided and followed with a question.  Students are required to use their predicting skills to verbalize a response to the questions provided.


-Pirate Predicting Paragraphs:  Card game to practice predicting skills at the paragraph level with multiple choice answers.  Students pick cards and can hold onto the card if they respond accurately.  If they pick the treasure chest, they get an extra turn.   If they pick the skull and bones, they lose a turn! The student with the most cards at the end is the winner.

-Review Worksheets: Two worksheets at each level are provided.

To access this activity, click HERE!!!