RTI Update

Oh those lovely letters…RTI!  You are either smiling or rolling your eyes!  Well, for those not aware, RTI is a GENERAL EDUCATION initiative to help at risk students “catch up” without having to be placed in special education.  There are 3 tiers:
-Tier 1: the general education teacher will try to implement strategies provided by special educators in their classroom.  This could be change of seat, modifying presentation of directives, giving manipulatives to help with math, etc.
-Tier 2: a student will receive a GEN ED pull out or remedial support such as reading or math groups.  This will allow extra attention in the areas of concern.
-Tier 3: the student will support from a special educator (who depends on area of concern).  This should only be for a “trial” period to see if they can “catch up.”

Did you notice the stress on the gen ed?? As a special educator, I find in my schools that I have been in, we are the ones “running” RTI.  Anyway, it is what it is, until more get used to the new regulations.

I am always trying to find new and helpful tools to teach the gen ed teachers in my building what I am doing with their student and how it is working.  There is NEVER enough time in the day for appropriate collaboration.  I created a “Speech RTI Update” form that I can complete and provide to the teachers.  I find it helpful and useful.  You can probably alter it and use it as well to update for all of the students on your caseload.  I uploaded the form as a word document in case you are like me and prefer to type then write memos at work.  Let me know what you think!!!!  I LOVE feedback and will continue to post helpful RTI materials and resources.