Tap Light Listening For Sequences

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So after seeing tons of ideas on Pinterest using Tap Lights, I finally picked up some at the dollar store yesterday.  I had so much fun today using them with my articulation groups that I was trying to figure out how could I incorporate them with my older, auditory comprehension-based groups.  Introducing…Tap Light Listening for Sequences Activity!

We played this “game show” style.  Students lined up in a line to wait for their turn.  We used the dry erase board to keep a tally score.  The lights were labeled “beginning” “middle” and “end.”  For their turn, the students listened while I read a paragraph-long story.  They had to use their strategies to recall the three step sequence.  Then I asked them about one event in the sequence.  To get their “point” they had to tap on the appropriate light.

We had so much fun practicing our listening comprehension skills with my new fun toy!!  They are so motivated when it is a competition!  A bonus for me, I have my data collection!

Feel free to email me other ideas you have used in your therapy rooms with tap lights!  I would love to hear them!

Grab your copy of the listening paragraphs here!


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