Water Table Fun: great way to promote language and social skills!

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I am just loving every single second of this summer.  While I am busy spending time with my family and friends, I cannot help but get “ah ha” moments.  I had such a moment while I was playing with my daughter.  We were busy playing with her water table and I remembered how I used to use water activities to promote language and social skills with the preschool and early intervention aged students.

Ok…so I don't expect SLPs to have this fancy water table at their fingertips in their therapy rooms.  But I have modified and made a water bucket out of a dollar store bin.  I have also “borrowed” water tables from preschool classrooms or just pushed in during their water table time.  It is such a great way to encourage language!

Like what?

  • in vs. out
  • wet vs. dry
  • fill vs. empty
  • float vs. sink
  • heavy vs. light
  • push vs. pull
  • following directions
  • describing
  • verbs: push, pull, splash, fill, empty, dump, mix, pour, swim, etc.
  • you can add any toy in the table to promote language
What kind of toys can you use?  You can take any kitchen or house toy that is plastic.  If  you wanted to invest, I like to use bath toys!  Below are some of my favorites for play and promoting language:

Don't want to spend $, I don't blame you!  You can just use what you have!  Grab a plastic cup, a plastic spoon, and some plastic toys you already have and you are set!

Do early intervention and looking for a way to treat your cases outside this summer?  This is a great way!!  Let the parents watch and observe  how you promote language in their own backyard.  They will be thrilled to learn a new way to promote language and play with their child at the same time!  There is NO rule that says you have to only to speech therapy inside….just make sure the parents are OK with it!

Do you use water activities in your speech rooms?!  How?  Share some experiences!

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