What’s In The Pocket? Inferencing Fun!

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Many of you have loved my Who Sent The Letter Inferencing Activity and have requested more activities like this one.  Well, today is your lucky day!  I have a new one just for you!

This activity will address the following goals:

  • Reading/auditory comprehension
  • Vocabulary
  • Answering questions
  • Inferencing
  • And more!

Using this file:

-Several ways to use this activity!

-Print and laminate the “pocket” page (can glue three sides onto a file folder/construction paper and then laminate.  Then use an knife/scissors to cut a slit on the top so  you can put objects in the “pocket.”  Read the clue cards to your students and have them pick from the images which object you are talking about.  They can place it into the “pocket.”

-Print and laminate the pockets on one side (print 3 copies of the pocket page) and the clues on the other.  Read the clues to your students and have them guess what is inside the pocket!

-Board game is provided to use with the clue cards as a reinforcer/motivator!  Students can take turns listening to clues and guessing what is inside in order to get a turn in the board game!

-Bonus activity:  Can your students express which could and could not be found in a pocket?  Can they explain why or why not?  Can your students express further descriptions of each object??

-Graphic organizer to help students listen for clues and document responses

-Review activity:  Students can draw and write about their own objects in a pocket and have their classmates guess it!

You can access this activity in my TpT store by clicking HERE!