Bubble Gum Attribute Sort!

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I love to give my students sorting activities to learn associations, object function, part/whole, categorization and more!  Have you seen my Crayon Attribute Sort?  My kiddos love it so I decided to create a new one with a bubble gum theme!

There are six gumball machines for students to sort the gumballs into based on the object's features.  You can prompt your students, “What does the ____ have?” or “What has a ____?”   Each gumball and machine has visual aids created with Smarty Symbols!

I included a review worksheet that can be used after the activity or for home practice.  Students can practice describing an object by it's features/attributes and check off the chart accordingly!  It is a great way to  assess progress and collect data after the sorting activity.

You can access this new activity in my TpT store by clicking HERE!