Category Sorting for Older Students!

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Are you loving my packs for older students?  Well…I have created one more!! I have tons of students that are struggling to make connections with vocabulary words.  This impacts their ability to study for classroom tests (what vocabulary words go with that topic) and to make educated guesses on word meaning just by knowing what group it belongs into.  I created a quick sorting activity that incorporates age appropriate and academic vocabulary!

How to use this activity/my suggestions?!

-Various sorting activities to build vocabulary for older students.

-Categories and words include: pop culture, academic vocabulary, and words to tap into background knowledge.

-Recommend having a computer with internet nearby!  If a student is unaware of a word or category, let them look it up on the internet to learn how to find it for themselves.  A reference page is provided with great websites for you to grab information for concepts your students struggle with or to direct them to find the answers!

-The various category mats and their cards are the same color borders to help easily grab and use.

-You can use this activity to help teach the “green group” bead for the Expanding Expression Tool (EET).

-Review worksheets are provided for extra practice, data collection, homework, and/or carryover.

You can access this pack in my TpT store by clicking HERE!