Common Core what?!

All across the US, states and school districts are buying into their own common core standards.  They are trying to make schools adhere to the same standards for learning and students are expected to meet these standards before moving on to higher learning goals.  Everyone has their own opinions and views on this matter.

What is mine?  Well, I think it is important for students to master skills versus learning for tests which often happens.  Students are not comprehending common skills that are necessary in order to learn concepts that require those skills.

Like what?  How can we expect students to read and understand a short story when they cannot comprehend a sentence?  If students do not know their multiplication tables, they cannot complete a word problem that requires multiplication!

As a speech-language pathologist working in the public schools, how does this impact us?!  Well, we are often working with those students that have not grasped those basic language arts skills.  If they are not speaking in complete sentences, how can we expect them to write in sentences and paragraphs?!

A while back, I went to an entire workshop geared around SLPs and common core.  If you look at your states standards for English language arts, you will see common connections to our IEP goals!  I have been using these connections while writing reports and validating services at CSE meetings.  On the flip side, I have also used this as a defense for discharging students as well.  “They have demonstrated mastery of skills necessary in order to achieve the common core standards of ___ grade.”

I wanted to provide my perspective on this issue.  I hope you did not mind!  What do you think and feel about this new philosophy?  Need more information?  I have gathered some resources together to help you!  Grab your copy here!  Have questions?!  Feel free to post or email me at  I would love to hear from you!