Easter Artic Baskets

I was trying to think of a fun and easy craft to do with one of my students today that has numerous articulation goals.  After browsing the Internet and looking at what supplies I had available to grab fun, I came up with this easy craft!

I found the idea to use brown lunch bag to create an Easter basket on Making Learning Fun.  I CANNOT TAKE CREDIT FOR THAT!!!  It was so easy!  My student and I had so much fun making the basket!  We cut the bag right where it folds.  Then we cut the remainder piece in half to make a handle.  We used tape to attach the handle to the basket.  (I erased the name of the student for privacy purposes!)

Before the student came to speech, I cut “eggs.”  I will admit, I am not very artistic so I found a coloring page online to create a template.

Together, we came up with words with the target sound and wrote them on the eggs.  It was fun putting the eggs into the basket.  We got to review which position of the word did the target sound fall into.  We also got to use the target in a sentence by describing what was happening “I wrote marker on the egg”  “Marker is going into the basket.”

Tons of auditory bombardment and trials of target sound was available in this easy and fun craft!  It also invites parents to work on carryover.  I included a note home with some activities to practice the sound such as having a hunt for the eggs with the target sounds or having the student tell the parent what we did in speech using good speech sounds.