Following Directions Carnival

Many students on my caseload are working on following directions.  This skill is extremely important because students need to follow directions at home and at school for academic and other purposes (safety, routine, etc).  Some materials I have used include:

I decided to make an activity pack with more variety and needs for my students.  Keep reading to learn more!
This fun carnival themed pack includes:
Following Directions Carnival Board Game:
Use this board game with the cards provided or ones you may have.  Follow the tickets to get the child to the carnival.
Direction Cards:
Separated by one step, two step, and three step directives.  These directives do not require manipulates to make it easier on you.  I did not include difficult linguistic concepts to focus primarily on the directives and recalling all the steps.



Before & After:
Many students struggle with this concept.  It can be used in many ways too!  I provided a visual with the definition and two ways of using each.  Use this visual while playing the card game to practice following directives using before and after.  Each card has a point value.  Once students follow the directive, they can hold onto the card.  Once all cards are used, or time runs out, students can add up their points to determine the winner!


Recalling Details from Directions:
This card game practices recalling details from directions heard or read.  Students draw a card.  They can read it or hand it to you to read.  After the directions (recipes, directions to a location, etc), there is a question.  Students must look back or recall to answer the questions.  This helps assess whether or not the student understands what was heard/read.  If the student draws the card “funnel cake” they get an extra turn!  Student with the most cards at the ends wins!
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