Introducing, Farm Academy App!


Virtual Speech Center Inc. has recently developed a new app, Farm Academy!  It was developed to address receptive and expressive language skills for ages 18 months-3 years.  However, it can be used with older students working on the same skills/vocabulary concepts.

Setting Options:

This app is designed and ideal for individual sessions or for parents working with their children at home.  The following skills are address:

  • farm animals
  • food
  • size
  • counting 1-5

There are two ways to use this app, learn and practice.  When you use the “learn” mode, students are presented with a verbal and visual presentation of the vocabulary skill.  You can use this to model for imitation, present with a basic wh- question to elicit the response after, ask about animal sounds, and more!  When you use the “learn” mode, students are provided with a “quiz.”  The questions/tasks uses following direction and the vocabulary concepts:

  • Show me the ___
  • Give the ___ to the ___
  • Find the (big/small) _____
  • Count _____



If incorrect, nothing happens, but when correct, the students are presented with a repeat of the directive and a reinforcing sound.  This is great because it allows the student to try again!  At any point, you can click “finish” to end the activity.  You are presented with an accuracy score which is great for progress monitoring.  Since there is no way to save, email score reports, I recommend taking a screen shot to save for later in a quick and easy way!

To learn more about this new and adorable app, visit iTunes or their website!  This app is only $0.99!!  I definitely recommend it for all those working with EI and CPSE students!