Love It & List It: Vocabulary Activities!

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It is that time again, another Love It & List It linky party by Jenna over at Speech Room News!  This month the topic is, my favorite, vocabulary!

I gathered my favorite book, favorite tool, and favorite new game to share!

My favorite book is “Boris Ate A Thesaurus.”  It is a great way to teach synonyms!!!  Have you seen my companion pack for this book?!  Click HERE to check it out!


My favorite tool, if you have not noticed from my MANY blog posts, is the EET!  It is such a great way to teach students new vocabulary and build verbal expression in a multi-sensory approach.  Have you seen THIS post on how I used it to work on non-fiction texts?!


I always like to add a new game each year into my therapy closet.  This year, I was eyeing the game, Hidden Hints on Amazon and went ahead and purchased it!  It is a cute way to work on context clues with a detective theme.  It comes with that cute “briefcase” which is placed in the center of the game.  You can see in the image above the bag of “images.”  Each student picks which they want to be their “reward.”  Students must take a context clues question card and answer it.  If they are correct, they take a game piece, if not they do not.  Once they get 3 pieces, they can get a “hidden hints” card.  If they can solve the “mystery” using the hints provided they are the winner!  If not, they have to wait until their next turn!  I am so excited to introduce this game this year to my students!


How do you work on vocabulary?!  What are your top three tools, games, and books?!