Summer Social Skills Pack!

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Have fun practicing social skills with this summer themed  5-in-1 activity pack!


In this file:

-Good Seahorse vs. Bad Seahorse:  Students will sort the scenarios listed into the correct categories.  Use these scenarios to elicit conversation!

-Sunglasses Topic Maintenance and Turn Taking:  6 topic cards are provided.  Sorting cards: questions and answers related to the topic cards. Students must sort these cards to the appropriate topic.  Once sorted, students can work together to arrange the conversation in the correct order to make sense!  Act it out! Have students act out the conversations! Can they add to it and keep it going? Can they work together to make a list of more questions and answers related to the topic?

-Conversation Starter Scene:  Print and laminate a beach scene for each student.  Students must pick a card and start that conversation.  Once they do so appropriately, they can add the image on that card onto their beach scene.  Once all of the cards are used, the students can ask each other for images to help complete their beach scenes.  Can they describe their scenes to each other?

-Flip Flop Conversation Topics:  Print and laminate the board game provided.  Grab a dice and game pieces.  Students must roll a dice and move along the game board.  Each spot has a topic on it.  When students land on a flip flop, they must express a sentence that is related to that topic.

-Beach Ball What Should You Do Card Game:  Students must pick a card and respond with what they would do based on the scenario on the card.  If they pick the “bonus turn” card they can go again.  The student with the most cards at the end of the game is the winner!

4 Review worksheets are provided throughout the pack to assist with carryover and practice of the skills!

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