Apps Fun


Had so much fun with my speech kiddies today!! Had fun following and giving directions with my 6th graders.  I got this cute activity off of ESLprintables (free website just have to have log in and earn points by having people download your activities. find it here  I was shocked to find my “lower” students did better than my “higher” ones!!  But good times had all around!

Another fan favorite of the day was an activity I snatched off another Blogger's website called “Back Pocket Monsters”.  We played the inferencing version and the students had SOOO much fun chanting for each turn “no busted no busted” just like “no whammys!”  You can find this activity here !

Well, other than my groups today that had SO much fun, I had to test two other students for their upcoming annual reviews.  I recently downloaded an app called “SLP Age Calculator”.  I find I use it DAILY especially now that it is annual review season.  Time is money!  I love technology when it helps me perform my job more efficiently.

Another app I have used in my speech room is the ArtikPix.   I honestly have only used the free version because it came with “TH” and that was all I needed at the time and wanted to try it before I bought it.  I don't know if I would actually buy the full version, but something to consider in the future.

A new app I have found is called “FindDifference-Lite”….it's a free app that allows the students to compare and contrast two pictures and find the differences (just like photo hunt).  This can be used for articulation, fluency, expanding utterances, answering questions, and the list can go on for days!

Well hopefully tomorrow will be as successful and I will have more to share!!