Back To School Early Language File Folder Activities! ((AND GIVEAWAY!!))

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Are you looking for activities for back to school?  How about for early language skills, preschool, or to use with students with limited language!?  When working on these goals or with this population, I love to do sorting activities and fun file folder activities that incorporate TONS of sentence strips to encourage increased MLU.  Keep reading to see an activity pack I created for this population!  I cannot wait to use it this year!

All of the activities included can be used as sorting activities, file folder sorts, or adapted easily to fit your students’ needs.

Tons of visuals and sentence strips provided!

Activities included:
-Does It Go In The Backpack:  Students must determine which items do and which do not go in a backpack.  They must answer the yes/no question provided and use sentence strip to express complete utterances.  Other goals you can address: categorization, answering wh- questions, describing, prepositions, and following directions.

-What is the student doing?  Boy and girl picture is provided.  Students must sort the action pictures and use progressive verbs in sentences.  You can also use this activity to work on: responding to “who” questions and pronouns.  You can also see if students can determine which actions are done in school and which are not!

-I Spy In The Classroom: Print the classroom picture.  Students can use the visual to locate all of the named objects.  Goals to address: prepositions, answering “where” questions, describing, and using school vocabulary in sentences.

-Who Will Wear It?  Students must sort the clothing into boy, girl, or both categories.  This activity can elicit conversation, future tense verbs, and work on pronouns.

-Will They Ride The School Bus?  Students must determine which people would and would not ride a school bus.  They must answer the yes/no question provided and use the sentence strip to express complete utterances.

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