French Fries Part of Question (POQ) DIY idea!!

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I posted this idea today on Instagram and it got a lot of feedback.  I figured I had to share more about it on my blog!

I posted this idea about using french fries to drill a while ago (check it out HERE).

I was using this idea again today with a group of kiddos.  I was having them take their hand and cover the question words to get them started with responding to the question in a complete sentence.  This is one way I teach my students the part of question (POQ) strategy.  This strategy helps them remember the question heard and then use the question to create a complete sentence as their answer.
These kiddos were having difficulty covering the fries and remember what to replace the question words with.  I grabbed a red piece of construction paper, cut it out to look like a blob and wrote the word “I” on it!  Students were able to use this “ketchup” to cover the question words and replace them with the answer words!  They thought it was so much fun dipping their french fries ketchup to express their answers!!

For example: “Why do we eat food?” —> cover “why do we” with the ketchup “I” so they can respond with”I eat food because____.” All of my french fries were questions that followed this pattern so they can learn the strategy!

OK…I want french fries now…