Love It & List It: Favorite Technology (linky party)

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It is that time of the month again when Jenna over at Speech Room News hosts her famous love it and list it linky party!  This month, the theme is favorite technology!

As you can tell by my MASSIVE app reviews, one way I use technology is with my iPad.  I LOVE my apps, especially those by Virtual Speech Center and Smarty Ears.  How do I pick apps!?  Those that can be used with multiple students, collect data, and allow for differentiation!

I also like to use some computer games from Lakeshore Learning.  They don't collect data but they do provide some harder concepts for my older students.  It makes drilling with passages a bit more exciting.  For example, click here for an example of an inferencing game that I have.  I have used it on a Smart Board (when I had one) or a laptop on my therapy table!

I also love to make interactive games to meet the specific goals of my students.  I often use Powerpoint templates that can be found HERE!  What have I made and used?

  • Hollywood Squares game to work on describing
  • Who Wants To Be A Millionaire to work on answering comprehension questions using graphic organizers/note-taking strategies and a story we have read together
  • Jeopardy:  to work on the different types of context clues strategies
Last but not least, I also use You Tube for a variety of purposes.  It may be to show a video clip to represent a social skill, show an example of a vocabulary concept, or to work on auditory comprehension/answering questions!  Click HERE to view my previous post on some clips I've used in the past to incorporate classroom curriculum into my therapy sessions!  Aren't you curious how I used Friends in speech therapy?!
Technology is just plain motivating for our students!  Any way possible to incorporate it, I will!  How do you use it!?  I hope I provided you with some new ideas!