Thrifty Finds Linky!

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Do you spend your summers searching for cheap deals for therapy materials?!  Jenna over at Speech Room News has been hosting a thrifty finds linky party so that us bloggers can share what we have found!

Where do I go for cheap finds?  Dollar stores and Target's Dollar Spot!!  Those are my favorites!!  I know many SLPs/teachers do well at garage sales and Goodwill, but I have yet to be successful with those!  Another good place to look, RETIRING TEACHERS AND SLPS!!  They are always willing to give away or sell cheaply!  I know many SLPs have bought supplies on EBay as well!  I have recently been spotting Super Duper Inc. products as well as other great educational materials on Zulily.  What is that?  It is a website/iPhone app that has deals that run for a few days…you gotta keep checking in to see what deals pop up to make sure you catch them!

I have posted in the past some of my favorite finds.  Here they are:

Those are just some of my MANY favorite thrifty finds!!  I hope you can use these ideas in your therapy rooms!